Champagne Waris-Larmandier


In the heart of the Champagne, in the sumptuous village of Avize lies the Waris-Larmandier wine domain. This astounding family estate unites art and nature within a typical chord.



Allow me to introduce them to you.

The house was founded in 1989. Since 2000, Marie-He?le?ne defends the house’s continuity with her three children Jean-Philippe, Pierre-Louis and Ine?s, leading the family into a sixth generation of winemakers. This exceptional quartet is longing towards a combination of former know- hows and contemporary practices. The family spirit has evolved with the arrival of a new practice: biodynamics exhibited by Jean-Philippe. A new philosophy dedicated to providing exceptional champagnes.




Lovers Waris-Larmandier

After the quality of its champagnes, the essence of the Waris-Larmandier family is its sense for relationship: singular, faithful and true to its amateurs. It’s a pleasure to meet them. Let yourself get carried away by their wines’ expressions, then you’ll understand their traits : a respect for values, the soils’ resonance, the juices’ whisper, the expression of avours and the a rmation of your own desires.

These are values on which is built the house Waris- Larmandier, values that re ect through its Champagnes with strength, character and originality.

« Do not go where the path may lead .
Go where there is no
path and leave a trail 


Ralph Wold Emerson






Waris-Larmandier spirit

Marie-Hélène Larmandier

The manageress, Marie-Helene, is a woman with energy and character. If you can’t recall her, ask for the lady with colours, people will tell you. This artist mixes her passion for art and her love for Champagne. Senses, then, are opened to their maximum.

“The awakening of senses emanates from our wines! Such as the sensitivity and the magnetic powers of the beings animating them! These gifts have become our motto and strength! Looking ahead and not turning back, carrying on with experience and the strengh of the events that will makes us climb mountains with love and passion.”

Jean-Philippe Waris

Do you know Jean-Philippe ? This enthusiast winemaker, artist and alchemist at times. His love for Champagne’s territory could not leave you unmoved during a tasting. In constant harmony with nature, this man wills to protects the land of our ancestors to keep the essence of our own terroirs. This famous land named Champagne. Its watchwords advocate for the preservation of ressources and nature in order to draw from it this so extraordinary wine called Champagne.

“Walk on the tip of your toes, you are walking on the belly of our vines”.

Pierre-Louis Waris

Have you noticed Pierre-Louis? This architect winemaker arms himself through his righteousness, his will and his joviality. His greatest joy: construction and viticulture. He creates harmony between various fields. To create this, he analyses the terrain, he aknowledges and develops projects rooted in the territory. His strength resides in longevity and the transmission of values through the generations. The attention to detail allows him to capture older features in order to put them back under the spotlight of tomorrow’s world.

« It is on these lands that I grew up, in a family in Champagne where work and family life are linked. The winegrower is a man of the earth, forged by manual labor and hardened by the weather».

Inès Waris

Ines, the youngest, will amaze you not only by her charisma but her sensitivity too. This designer winemaker will leave you speechless thanks to her affection towards the territory. Crafts and contemporary skills need to come into resonance. Like the winemaker is associated to his vines with love and affection, the designer embodies the material with which he composes, decomposes and sublimes, like a great wine.

«Everywhere you go, crouch down, take the earth in the palm of your hands, feel its strength, breathe its perfume, watch its unique composition, hear its story. Then you will know how to sublime it».